FVHS wrestling team welcomes only female wrestler

by Linh Nguyen, Staff Writer

For only the third time in Fountain Valley history, the wrestling team has a female member.

“Everyone encouraged me, like, ‘You’d do so good,’” said Angie Vu (’18).

Vu’s interest in the sport began when she was in 8th grade. Friends on the FVHS wrestling team and her father, who also wrestled for the team, encouraged her to try the sport. They thought she would do well, since she already had an eight-year background in martial arts.


Sophomore Angie Vu is FVHS’s only female wrestler. Photo by Katrya Ly

A lot of comments were made when Vu joined a team of all boys, but Vu disregarded them. She believes that what she is doing is in her best interest. She also thinks that all the comments made to her are part of what motivates her to keep her going.Vu says that her father is one of her biggest supporters. He gives her tips, goes to wrestling clinics and wrestled with her one-on-one. She appreciates all the support she gets, whether it’s her dad or the guys on the wrestling team; she loves them all.


“I want to prove them wrong and I also want to show my dad that I can keep up to [his] legacy and make him proud,” said Vu. “I don’t let it bother because I know right now I honestly have the upper hand in just, getting through life.”

Vu encourages other girls to join the sport, even if it might be difficult. Although it is more challenging for Vu, she believes she should be held to the same standards as the boys on her team.

“Honestly, I don’t think I should deserve any special treatment because it’s like any other sport,” said Vu. “It’s like in class, do you get special treatment from the teacher? No, because it’s both girls and guys.”

Wrestling has become a huge part of Vu’s daily life. It has shaped her by teaching her important values such as never giving up and always pushing herself harder. She looks forward to the upcoming season and hopes to win the California Interscholastic Federation (C.IF.) tournament.

“Wrestling has shaped me as a person, to like, try harder, like put an extra effort into everything,” said Vu.

Vu plans to continue wrestling until her senior year to be able to make it into varsity and get her name on the “Wall of Fame.”


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