A Bit About Me

My name is Katrya Ly and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Baron News. I joined Baron Banner as a sophomore and it has honestly been the best decision I’ve made in my ENTIRE high school career.

Photo by Ashley Le

Photo by Ashley Le

Writing to me is so much more than words on a piece of paper or in front of a screen. I began writing short stories in a little Hello Kitty notebook when I was about five years old. From that point forward, my stories got longer, grew in complexity and my writing was getting significantly stronger.

By the time I was fifth grade, I set out to write my first novel after I had heard news of a high school student being able to publish her own novel. I set out with much ambition, but didn’t get further than the first chapter and threw in the towel. That never did stop me from writing and who knows maybe one day I’ll go back and finish that story.

As the years past, I’ve won some awards for my stories and essays, but all were creative. I had never really done any writing that required actual structure or had “rules”. Regardless, all throughout elementary school and middle school, I had always pictured myself as becoming a journalist. I remember telling myself that if I joined anything in high school, it should be the school paper. Sure, being in a sport or singing choir would be cool, but writing was where my passion and fire burned.


The day I decided to start making something of my high school career. Photo by Ashley Le

Freshman year I was extremely shy. I remember not wanting to draw attention to myself or get interviewed by my school’s broadcast team, BBN (Baron Broadcast News). Ironically, I find myself a member of BBN now. In fact, the Digital Video Yearbook Producer. Although incredibly stressful to meet deadlines, I enjoy every moment.

I avoided cameras at all cost, until one day towards the end of the school year when Baron Banner (school newspaper) went from classroom to classroom to recruit new members  for the next year. After their little presentation, the photographer with them came up and snapped a picture of me and some other kids, just for the fun of it. I decided then and there I would fill out the application for Baron Banner and make the best of my high school years.

My time in Baron Banner and Baron Broadcast News has brought many, many things. I’ve grown close to some really awesome people, improved my writing abilities and have a new confidence when I talk to people. Sometimes meeting deadlines can be hard and setting up interviews get frustrating, but at the end of the day, I’m doing something I love and want to continue doing for a really long time.

– Katrya


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